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As international logistics providers, we are in many respects “typically German”. You’ll notice this above all in contract logistics. In every production step that we, as cooperation partners assume for our customers, we attach great importance to the highest quality. Certified processes, environmentally friendly technologies, modern IT standards, know-how acquired over decades: here you will find optimum conditions for everything you are looking to outsource – made in Germany.


Warehouse Logistics


High goods availability is not a question of high stock levels. What is far more important is the process dynamics between storage and retrieval. How much time is needed between order entry and shipping? How efficient is pre-commissioning?

Kieserling operates warehouse with state-of-the-art facilities, for a wide variety of goods and dangerous goods classes. It also operates a secure warehouse with video surveillance. IT-controlled processes and automated materials handling systems guarantee fast, paper-free movement of goods. Space capacities create room for the extended workbench. Trained staff generate added value.

Are you looking for storage facilities or a supply center that can be directly connected to your factory? Would you like to tie in your online shop or order management with an efficient warehousing concept? At Compass Logistics International we accommodate all your wishes and ideas – in the first row.


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Distribution Logistics

Meeting marketing targets faster



We take the most direct route to your sales markets: thanks to our own vehicle fleet and a full-coverage distribution network, we can supply your customers locally, as well as organize goods distribution across national borders. To this end, we rely on a fleet of over 100 vehicles in Germany alone. Modern, telematic-assisted vehicle technology and gap-free tracking & tracing make the monitoring of your shipments absolutely transparent. Accompanying shipment documentation is transmitted electronically. Your dangerous goods are also in safe hands with us.

Warehouse locations around the world are your distribution base. From here we prepare shipment to your customers, pick orders and make “just-in-time” deliveries. We guarantee the shortest distance between manufacturer and retailer, between production and point of consumption, between supplier and customer.

Supply Chain Management

Source of supply rather
than source of error

We tie up the loose ends of the supply chain to create a network that protects your production against failures, and enhances your service performance by integrating your suppliers, transport processes and production locations via a central platform. All steps in the supply chain – from cut-off to delivery to the consignee – are continuously monitored and seamlessly tracked. And all the time we stay one step ahead of your ordered goods: we notify you in advance of any changes from the planned delivery times, allowing you to respond in a timely manner. Process steps are standardized to eliminate sources of error. Data and information flow electronically. What makes our supply chain management so special? As an international logistics provider, we are at home in your procurement markets.


For your data we take the highway

We respond to increasing complexity in logistics with in-house IT competence. A key element here is the automation of processes along the supply chain. This facilitates communication across national, as well as corporate, boundaries. Ordering processes and inventory management, customs formalities and document management, shipment tracking and monitoring – important functions that help you gain time and security of supply, are integrated into Compass Logistics International’s IT management.

To ensure all information and documents accompanying the shipment can be exchanged with you by mouse click, our IT developers and programmers configure individual interfaces, customize functionality and network cooperation partners. Get into the fast lane on the data highway.

Overview of our IT Services
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Overview of our IT Services Overview of our IT Services Overview of our IT Services Overview of our IT Services Overview of our IT Services Overview of our IT Services



Compass Logistics International AG
Am Kaiserkai 10
20457 Hamburg / Germany
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